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offers best-in-class speed and high-resolution capabilities, along with a rugged, reliable design.

TTP-225 serieslabel printerdelivers premium performance for most retail.

Small size space saving design

TTP-243 Pro serieslabel printerwith innovative dual-motor print engine packing even more performance into an entry-level platform.

With its small and dual-motor design, theTTP-244 Prois a perfectlabel printer.

Dual-motor gear-driven design

300 meter ribbon supply on a 1 core (coated side out)

TheTTP-245C desktoplabel printeroffers a price-performance combination.

Double-walled clamshell design

4 interfaces: Ethernet, USB, parallel ad serial

By using two motors instead of the usual one,TTP-247 serieslabel printeroperates at lower torque.

TTP-2410M Pro SeriesIndustrial label printer durable high-speed performance.

203 dpi/ 300 dpi/ 600 dpi available

Heavy duty die-cast aluminum design

TTP-268M SeriesIndustrial label printer more value, more features, higher reliability.

High quality die-cast aluminum design

Die-cast chassis, sheet metal structure with clear media view window

Up to 8.64 print width at 300 dpi high resolution

TSC Auto ID has over twenty years experience as a leading manufacturer of thermallabel printers. Our world class engineering and manufacturing capabilities combine to offer the best value available for thermallabel printers. The TSC brand represents that our customers are receiving the most durable long-lastinglabel printerswith the lowest cost of ownership. TSC thermal label printers are built to last, designed to meet your application needs, are affordably priced, and feature a two-year warranty.

TSC Auto ID Auto ID Technology is Asias largest manufacturer of thermal-transferlabel printers, distributing its products through a worldwide network of value-added resellers. Our high-value desktop and durable industrial-class thermallabel printerss are the product of more than 20 years of printer design and manufacturing experience.

TSC label printers are available in as either direct thermal only or thermal transfer / direct thermal configurations. Our models that are designed for thermal transfer printing can be run in direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. Direct thermal mode uses heat sensitive labels that darken to form barcodes, graphics and printed text as heat is applied by the printers print head. Direct thermal labels are suitable for short shelf life labels which are not exposed to extreme light or heat.

Thermal transfer printing requires the use of a ribbon and prints labels suitable for many environments. Applications for thermal transfer label printers include many forms of signage, manufacturing identification, product identification, asset tagging, and a host of other solutions. Ribbon and label combinations are available that provide resistance against abrasion, heavy wear, temperature extremes and chemical damage.

TSC thermal label printers support text printing in any language font, including True-Type™ fonts. True-Type fonts can simply be copied to the printer and font sizes can be scaled internally by the printer. TSC label printers also handle all standard barcodes including two dimensional codes. Graphic support includes .PCX and .BMP formats. Label formats of any print size or orientation are available.

TSC label printers support print resolutions of 203 dpi (8 dots/mm), 300 dpi (12 dots/mm) and 600 dpi (24 dots/mm). Most print solutions can be adequately handled by a 203 dpi printer while 300 dpi provides the ability to print high quality, small print labels and 600 dpi provides specialized very fine print capabilities.

TSC offers a comprehensive selection of printers that support print widths of 2 inches (58mm), 4 inches (108mm), 6 inches (168mm) and 8 inches (219 mm) wide allowing our customers to select the most affordable solution for their printing needs.

Label Printer – Media and Ribbon Handling

All TSC label printers are designed for ease-of-use concerning the replacement of either ribbon or print media supplies. Sophisticated label registration and top-of-form detection is supported by sensors designed to detect label gap, black mark, or notch.

The print speed of TSC label printers is model dependent, with top speeds ranging from 3 inches per second up to a very fast 12 inches per second.

Label Printer – Label Types Supported

TSC printers can print on a large variety of materials including a host of coated and non-coated papers, and a variety of synthetic materials including polyester, polypropylene, Tyvek, vinyl, and mylar. TSC desktop and industrial model printers are among the most popular in the world for use with synthetic materials due to their robust design and large power supplies.

TSC label printers can be configured to use a wide variety of label types and can deliver labels in a variety of ways:

Batch mode print jobs of any desired number of labels may be sent to the printer.

On Demand sensors can be used to detect when a label is removed from the printer and command the printer to image and print the next label.

Cut labels can be cut automatically to separate each individual label or a batch of labels.

Peeled the printer can be configured to peel the backing away from the label for easy application of the printed label. Sensors are used to detect when a peeled label is removed from the printer to image and print the next label.

Rewound labels may be either rewound inside the printer, or using an optional external rewinder.

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