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HP Officejet 7500A

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Until recently, the only manufacturer making inkjet all-in-one printers that could handle paper larger than A4 was Brother. HP obviously thinks the market is now large enough for it to dip a toe in the water and has introduced the Officejet 7500A, which is an A3 machine. Its not fully committed to the larger size, though, as it can only print to large paper sizes; its scanner is still restricted to A4.

This is another big, glossy black device, longer than normal because of the wider carriage. Its also a funny mixture of shapes, textures and styles. At the top, its flatbed scanner has a 35-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) with an odd curve to its feed tray and another to its top. This sits on top of the main printer section of the machine has a slight backward lean at its left-hand end, and the left side appears to sit lower than the right.

The printer has a horizontally textured front surface and the join between scanner and printer is interrupted by a wide control panel with touch controls and a 60mm LCD touchscreen.

Below the control panel is a wide paper tray, which can take paper from 15 x 10 cm, right up to 13 x 19in, but with no separate feed for photo paper. To accommodate the larger paper sizes, both the bottom and top halves of the tray telescope outwards, though the base and lid are not the same shape, which makes it look a little odd when expanded. To the left of the paper tray are two memory card slots, which between them take SD, Memory Stick and xD cards.

At the back are sockets for USB, Ethernet and low-voltage power from a separate power block, but the machine also supports wireless connection and push-button setup, if your wireless router supports this.

Software installation is straightforward, with OCR software and a photo-stitching editor from ArcSoft in the bundle. Being HP, the machine also supports ePrint, so you can print directly to the Officejet 7500A from phones, tablets and notebooks. Theres also a range of apps, which can be downloaded to the printer from the HP site.