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When it comes to printing posters an A3 size printer is a must have for a small office. An A3 CISS printer will save you a lot of money if you intend to print promotional posters or need to print flammable portrait pictures. There are several A3 size printers you can choose from Epson or HP, however when it comes to a CISS A3 printer it is more tricky. In fact there are only a few A3 CISS printers available. The list bellow are the A3 or 13 inch wide capable printers.

Epson Artisan 1430 Wide Format Printer

TheEpson Artisan 1430is the new version of the Artisan 1400 which was an award winning printer from Epson. Using proven technology the Artisan 1430 is a worthy successor. The Artisan 1430 has a faster printing speed, wireless capability and an improve ink management system. There are also improvements in border-less printing making it a very attractive for and small office, small print shop or photo enthusiast.

TheCISS kit for the Artisan 1430cost around $60 mainly due to the improved ink chip reset system this will allow you to print continuously without having to reset the printer.

Im a big fan of brother printers due to their reliability and price.

TheBrother J450DWis a great 4 in one, that means it can copy, scan, print and

fax. It also has a wireless feature which allows you to easily connect it your

This printer also stands out as the most affordable duplex printer which the allow

you to print both sides saving you paper. Since the printer itself has such a great

prie, the moment you convert the J450DW to CISS it will be most affordable duplex

To Create this kit you will need the following:

The whole package itself will bring you near a $100 which is a bargain if you intend to

The moment you convert it to CISS the tanks will extend outside

Epson is finally selling CISS printer in North America. They are calling

their CISS printers Supertank printers which uses the Epson Ecotank technology.

The Ecotank technology is a refinement of the current CISS printers

currently in the market. This means they are more reliable and less

likely to have problems with ink blockage.

There are currently 5 models out in the market with this technology. The prices are high comparing them to your conventional Epson printers since Epson is making money from the printer sales instead of the ink cartridges. However the Savings you can make with these printers are huge since all of them come with 2 years worth of ink, allowing you to recover your investment.

TheEpson Expression ET-2500 EcoTankPrinter is the entry level printer and comes with the all the basic features that comes

with a three in one printer with the exception to the refillable tanks.

It comes with WIFI making it a great device for any small offices or

TheEpson Expression ET-2550EcoTank Printer is a mid level printer that comes with a color screen, the screen allows

you to use the printer without your computer to scan, print and save

documents or pictures directly from an SD card. The printer support

Airprint and iPrint allowing your to print directly from your

TheEpson WorkForce ET-4500 EcoTankPrinter is a office printer. It comes with a fax feature and a wired connection allowing

you to plug it in directly to your router. It also comes with WIFI and mobile

TheEpson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank printeris a premium office printer. It prints faster and comes with a larger paper storage.

It also comes with a larger tank to accommodate black pigment ink.

I love using pigment ink since they tent to replicate color consistently

and last longer. If you plan to print importent documents archiving using

pigment ink is highly recommended. This printer also can allow print sharper

graphics and text. It also comes with Ethernet and WIFI support.

TheEpson WorkForce Pro WF-R464EcoTank printer is a professional printer for large offices that need to print documents

fast and at the same time save money. The cost for this printer is high

but this printer is simply a marvel. The WF-R460 comes uses large ink packs

instead of tanks making it able to accommodate more ink. In fact whole sides

of the printer store the large ink packs that comes with this printer.

The PPM Speed is double compared to the usual office printer.

This printer is the ultimate CISS printer and is a dream come true if

I am a big fan of brother printers and have used them for years. A few years ago Brother printers used to have chip-less ink cartridges which are DRM free cartridges making them easy to refill or replace with re-manufactured ink cartridges.

The new Brother printer which now have the chip can still be converted to CISS printers. In fact they make great CISS printers due to their design.

They usually have their ink cartridge located in front making easy for CISS manufacturers to create extra large extended ink cartridge.

If your interested in trying out a Brother printer and using it as an CISS printer I recommend getting aMFC-J870DWwhich is one of the best and most reliable printers in the Brother fleet of ink jet printers.

Brother MFC-J870DW all in one printer

The J870DW is a really fast all in one printer. It has a fax, scanner, copier and printer in one package. The print speed is at par and even slightly faster than Epson and HP. The added wireless functionality makes it easy to print using your Android or iOS devices.

The best CISS printer goes to the Epson L-series printers or they call them ink tank printers and in some regions CISS printers. They are very reliable printers that are now the standard printers in banks, schools and offices. These printer are now available in the US and everyone can take avantage of having an original CISS printer.

The Epson L355 is an update to the L210 which became a very popular printer. The Epson L355 is a refinement to the previous model. The L355 now has WIFI connectivity and faster printing speed.

Epson also made several improvements with this model and that had something to do with the faster refilling time to load your ink. This has made the setup of the L355 really smooth and easy to do.Continue reading

The HP Officejet Pro 8610 is an office printer with wireless capabilities. Its currently one of HP best selling printers for 2015 due to its price and capabilities. Like anyHP printer the 8610offer the same reliability you get from a premium printer.

The 8610 comes with ethernet and wireless connectivity. The printer is a 3 in one which means it is a printer, fax and scanner.

They have made several improvements with the fax features making it a great for a small office and even a department. However when you do have more people using it the issue with the ink price will come up. But its great they already have a  CISS kit for the 8610. Bellow are the  kits you can use to convert your 8610 to a CISS Printer.

The Ekuten CISS kit for the 8610, will save you more than 80% to 90% of your printing cost. The is reset chip that will allow you to set the soft ink levels to maximum. The installation that was included from this kit was very professional and well written.

The whole setup can be done with out any experience as long as you follow the steps. It took me around 20 minutes to complete the setup and was printing full colored pages with out any issues.

The Epson XP-410 has been the number 1 top selling Epson printer for 2014. The fact that its so reliable and cheap makes it a perfect printer to convert into CISS. If your not familiar with theEpson XP-410its one of the entry level (three in one) printer Epson introduced back in November.

It has a great scanner and prints relatively great pictures. Its not  one of the fastest printer Epson has its lineup but its also not slow. In fact comparing it to other printers in its class, its actually fast. It comes with a WIFI feature and WIFI direct support which allowing you to print documents  if you have a tablet or phone.

This new network option also allows you to connect directly to the printer even if you dont have a WIFI network at home. There is a small LCD screen that allows you to choose which pictures to print using the built in SD slot.

I often have to buy new printers every other year for my kids. Their biggest complaints are on how much they spend on ink cartridges and how their printers dont really last that long. Afters years of buying my kids with (HP, Canon & Epson) printers I have come to the conclusion that if I buy them a new printer I needs to fit their life style.

1. The printers need to be cheap and replaceable.

2. They need to have a cheap source of ink.

3. The printers need to be as simple as possible with the least movable parts and attachments.

4. The printer needs to have a built in scanner.

I recently had the chance to try out the Epson L210 Ink Tank Printer. Im a true believer of the Epson Ink Tank Printer technology ever since I bought aEpson L200more than a year ago. The Epson L200 is probably one of my favorite printers, its just very reliable.

The new Epson L210 is an upgrade from the previous model. Its smaller and more compact in terms of size and even weight.

I usually offer two types of products to anyone wanting to save ink, thats CISS and refillable ink cartridges. CISS which stands for Continuous Ink Supply System, is for heavy users who want to print a lot of pictures or documents. CISS works best for an office or a big family. The fact remains that since a CISS printer has lot of tubes they are prone to ink drying up and causing problems if you dont use the printer in a weekly basis.

A great and cheaper alternative to CISS is refillable ink cartridges, which is simply ink cartridges that allow you to put more ink directly to the tank. These special cartridges usually come with an auto reset chip telling the printer these are genuine cartridges and there is ink inside. There are exceptions to some brands like Brother that have chipless cartridges that makes them ideal candidates for refillable ink cartridges.

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