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HP printers do not work with AutoCAD on Windows 8 or newer systems

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HP printers do not work with AutoCAD on Windows 8 or newer systems

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When you try to use a Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer (such as a Designjet 100, 500, 800, or 1000 series model) with AutoCAD 2015 or newer on Windows 8 or newer, the printer cannot be selected and reverts to None or the print process hangs and fails. The following warning usually occurs:

None: The plotter configuration cannot be used for one of these reasons: the driver cannot be found, the device cannot be found, or the driver has a problem. The None plot device has been substituted.

AutoCAD 2014 and earlier are able to successfully plot to the device on the same computer.

The HP printers that fail to work may be, but are not exclusively, older models that HP does not support on Windows 8 or newer, such as the Designjet 800 and 1050c plotters.

HP Printers Not Supported in Windows 8

HP Printers – Supported Printers for Windows 8

HP Printers – Windows 10 Compatible Printers

Try the following solutions and/or workarounds:

Install a newer printer driver that supports Windows 8 and higher:

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the HP printer driver using the latest driver from HPs website (HP Drivers & Downloads).

Specifically for the DesignJet 500, driver version 8.10 is needed (availablehere). The same (or equivalent) version of the driver may be available for other affected HP plotters. In some cases, the 8.10 driver for the DesignJet 500 has been observed to work with the DesignJet 800.Please note that the link above is the HP GL/2 version of the driver. If your plotter does not have GL/2 support (the additional GL/2 module) it will not work. Use the driver found in the Attachments section of this article.

Alternatively, try using the HP Universal Print Driver with your printer.See:

Uninstall any listing for the printer in Programs and Features.

Delete it from Devices and Printers.

Perform a clean reinstall of the printer:

It may be necessary to remove all HP printer driver files in order to get a good install of the driver. Follow the instructions here:How to manually uninstall a printer driver in Windowsand then download and install the latest driver for your model printer.

Autodesk includes some HP plotter drivers internally with AutoCAD. You may be able to specify a generic HPGL/2 driver, which uses the old AutoCAD drivers:

Click Next and choose the My Computer option.

In the manufacturers list, select Hewlett-Packard.

In the models list, select a printer model that is close to the one you have (such as Designjet 755CM for the physical Designjet 800 or 1055CM).

A non-matching model may or may not work. Some trial and error could be needed to find a match.

Click Next to finish the wizard, defining ports and other information.

If reinstalling the printer does not resolve the problem, try either of the following:

Plot to PDF from AutoCAD 2015/2016 and then print the PDF from Adobe Reader to your HP printer.

Use AutoCAD 2014 or aprevious version of DWG TrueViewfor plotting your drawings.

HP Designjet plotter drivers, Windows 8, and AutoCAD 2015 / LT 2015

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