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Old Drivers for HP LaserJet 4 Plus?

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Old Drivers for HP LaserJet 4 Plus?

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Old Drivers for HP LaserJet 4 Plus?

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Does anyone have a source for older drivers for an HP 4 Plus?

We have an old HP LaserJet 4 Plus printer connected to an NT4 Server. There seems to be a bug in the interaction between WordPerfect 9/10 and the new universal driver MS and HP both want you to use. We use this printer as a light-duty letterhead printer, and use a macro in WordPerfect to format the document for printing in final. It chooses the correct printer, and inserts codes to force the first page to print from the upper tray (containing letterhead) and the rest of the document to print from the lower tray (containing second sheet letterhead).

The problem is that all of the computers running the older version of the driver (PJLMON.DLL is 4.00 and the Driver version is 3.01, per the printer test page) (note these comps run the gamut from Win98se to Win2k Pro to WinXP) work perfectly, while newer systems running WinXP that are using the new, version 5.0 universal driver print to the lower (default) tray no matter what the codes say. I have been unable to force the newer driver to print to the upper tray in any way, so the macro is not the issue.

Perhaps spending several hours on hold with HP would produce a solution, but I think if I can find the older drivers somewhere, my problem will be solved much easier. Naturally, HP does not offer old drivers on its website. 🙁

Ive also had several problems related to limited functionality with the new XP drivers on some older LaserJet printers. In fact, HP has a poorly worded post on their site that is supposed to let consumers know that the universal drivers included with XP are not complete – and the product-specific drivers from their site may work better:

It sounds like some of your issues may be related to these universal drivers that attempt to handle functions for multiple HP printer models. I would post 4Plus drivers for you, but I dont have any of that model, so dont have the older drivers.

First, try downloading the newest LJ 4Plus, XP driver for this printer from their site. This is listed as version 2.12 and may be quite different from the version 5.0 that you are using. If that fails, Windows 2000 drivers are almost identical to XP drivers – without some of the newest features that cause problems. So, try the W2K LJ 4Plus specific driver that is still available from .

If it does come down to calling HP for older drivers they may not want to give out older driver versions. At least try to get the number of the older driver (ie: the lj202 from the driver file lj202en.exe). Then visitftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software1and search for what you need. The english language versions are in folders labeled 6510-1.0Message

Unfortunately, the XP and 2000 drivers are indeed identical… and while the HP version numbers may be, in both instances (they both use lj631.exe, by the way), the Driver version the printer test page still lists as 5.00 for the Unidrv.dll file those boxes are using, vs. the version 3.01 of RASDD.DLL that the other boxes are using.

As it happens, I note that the NT4 version of the file, from around the timeperiod of the lj3xx files I was trying to locate (7/10/02), lj202en.exe, is still posted, so Im going to pull that down and give that a shot next.

I did follow your link to the FTP site and had my memory tickled a bit. I actually recall downloading an lj3xx.exe file for drivers some time back, and tried every da*$ file in that number chain (and a few in each direction) hoping to stumble onto the right driver blindly, but while I found older drivers for a number of LJ printers there that are close (4L, 4P, 4si, 4V, 5L, 5P, 5si, etc.), I did not actually find any for the 4 Plus.

Ill report back if the lj202 files do the trick…0LVL 2Overall:Level2Message

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Sorry to hear that wasnt the right driver. Hopefully the 202 driver will work, if not then a long support call may be the only way to go – although Im wondering if you may have to wait for a newer, complete XP driver to be released. Ive checked at the normal places for drivers (downloads.com and drdriver.com) and had no luck finding older W2K drivers.

It is possible that a different LJ4 driver from the 303 series could solve your problem. Although, it may be faster to call HP and have them tell you which one works.0Featured PostConcertos Cloud Advisory ServicesPromoted byConcerto Cloud Services

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