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With HP Support Assistant, its easy to keep your PC running smoothly. Optimize PC performance. Automate support tasks. Get efficient, expert assistance. All of this from your own PC.

HP Support Assistant at-a-glance

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HP Support Assistant is an HP application that helps you maintain your PC performance and resolve problems with automated updates and tune-ups, onboard diagnostics, and guided assistance.

How much does HP Support Assistant cost?

There is no charge associated with using HP Support Assistant.

Is HP Support Assistant available on all computers?

HP Support Assistant is pre-installed on all HP or Compaq Windows

7 computers and some select Vista systems. HP Support Assistant is not available on Windows

XP computers. HP does not have any plan to develop a Windows

XP-compatible version at this time.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use HP Support Assistant?

No, but some features such as receiving updates or connecting to m require an active Internet connection.

How do I learn how to use HP Support Assistant?

No training is required. For a quick start, take a look at the links under Save Time! and Stay up to date! They describe some commonly used features in HP Support Assistant.

How do I know if I have HP Support Assistant on my computer? Where do I find HP Support Assistant on my computer?

You can access HP Support Assistant from several places depending on your computer (options will vary per computer model):

Click on the HP Support Assistant icon on your desktop

Go to the Start menu, then click on All Programs, then click on HP

Go to the Start menu, then click on Help & Support link on the right

Open HP Advisor and click on the treasure box icon labeled Get help and Troubleshoot (bottom right-hand corner)

Can I use HP Support Assistant for all my HP products (computers, printers, etc.)?

HP Support Assistant is designed to maintain computers or solve computer problems. On the other hand, it will help you leverage the latest software drivers for the peripheral devices that are connected to your computer. To determine if you can use HP Support Assistant for your computer, see the question above or the questions related to using an old computer or upgrading a computer to Windows

Does HP Support Assistant work with my antivirus software?

HP Support Assistant works independently of any antivirus software application that you use.

Does HP Support Assistant check for viruses or spyware?

Most of the time, it does not. On the other hand, if a virus or a security threat is impacting a lot of customers, HP will attempt to provide a solution through HP Support Assistant. Customers who have the application installed and have accepted to receive updates from HP can then benefit from the solution offered by HP.

If I have an old HP or Compaq computer running Vista, can I download HP Support Assistant?

Check first if HP Support Assistant is already installed on your computer (see earlier question on where to find HP Support Assistant on your computer) . The application may also be available for download on your product support page (see the question below on reinstalling HP Support Assistant). Note also that, if you upgrade your computer to Windows

7, you may be able to use HP Support Assistant (see the next question about upgrading your computer to Windows

If I upgrade my existing HP or Compaq computer to Windows

7, can I download HP Support Assistant?

If you have HealthCheck running on your computer or have agreed to receive HP updates, you will receive an update to install HP Support Assistant. The application will also be available for download for computers which are eligible for the Windows

7 upgrade (check hp.com for eligibility, and install HP Support Assistant only after having installed Windows

What is the difference between Windows updates and HP Support Assistant updates?

Both updates are important as they cover different aspects of your computer. In rare cases such as a software driver update, both applications may try to provide the same update. Both applications will check, however, if the new driver version was already installed; if it is, neither application will download or install the driver again.

What is the difference between HP Support Assistant and HP Update?

HP Support Assistant uses HP Update and other HP tools to notify you when updates and alerts from HP are available for your computer.

What is the difference between HP Advisor and HP Support Assistant?

HP Advisor is an HP application that helps customers throughout the lifecycle of their computer. HP Advisor makes a PC easier to use you can view your status at a glance, access support, discover more ways to use your PC (edit photos, create video, manage music, etc.), and navigate easily to your favorite software and services.

HP Support Assistant is an HP application that addresses support questions. HP Support Assistant helps customers maintain their PC performance and resolve problems faster with automated updates and tune-ups, onboard diagnostics, and guided assistance.What is the difference between the HP Support Assistant automated tune-up and the tune-up services that HP offers?The tune-ups are different in scope and how they are done. In addition, there is no charge associated with using the HP Support Assistant tune-up, but there is a one-time fee for the tune-up services as an HP Technician performs the tune-up.

The HP Support Assistant tune-up is automated, does not require the user to contact HP, and is available for new Windows®7 PCs and some select Vista PCs. In contrast, the HP Tune-Up service is available for any Windows operating system (XP, Vista, and Windows®7) and is conducted over the phone and Internet by an HP Technician who performs an extensive tune-up and can provide advice. Details on each tune-up are provided below.

In HP Support Assistant, the user controls the tune-up tasks and schedule. The four main tasks that can be performed in the automated tune-up are:

Clean out temporary files, cookies, and unnecessary files

Perform disk defragmentation (e.g. rearrange the files on the hard disk to optimize performance)

Create a restore point for the PC (a user can return the PC to an earlier state before the computer exhibited some problems)

Perform a health scan to analyze the computer and update HP software (drivers, applications, firmware BIOS)

In the HP Tune-Up service, an HP Technician will typically perform the above tasks, but will also

Remove viruses, spyware, and adware

Review the Microsoft configuration and startup settings

Remove any unused or unwanted application software

Update the operating system software, security software, and other non-HP software

Advise the user on the system, configuration, and maintenance

To learn more about the different technician-assisted HP Tune-Up services that HP offers, visit

Using a car maintenance analogy, think of the HP Support Assistant automated tune-up as an oil & air filter change and of the HP Tune Up service as a major maintenance done by a mechanics.

Can I uninstall HP Support Assistant?

You can uninstall HP Support Assistant using the remove program capability of Windows. HP does not recommend that you do that as the application can for instance perform automated tune-ups and receive updates from HP, thus keeping your PC running at its best.

Can I reinstall HP Support Assistant if I have uninstalled the application?

HP Support Assistant may be available for download on your product support page on hp.com.

To find your product support page, go to theSupport & Driverssection of hp.com. Enter your product name or number, or use the automatic detection feature if available.

On select notebook and desktop models you may also reinstall HP Support Assistant through the Software Setup application or Recovery Manager depending on the computer model.Is HP Support Assistant available worldwide in my local language?Yes, the application is available to all customers worldwide and is translated into 36 languages.Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware to take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality. Not all features are available in all editions of Windows 7. See details.>


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