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HP LaserJet 4 driver for Windows 7

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I just spoke to HP and they have no plans to write a driver for my HP LaserJet 4. I love this printer and although it is 12 years old, it works fine and I dont feel like tossing it into the landfill. HP suggested I contact Microsoft for a patch so that I can use my HP LaserJet 4 with Windows 7. Is there a patch or any way that Microsoft can help me with so that I can use my HP LaserJet 4 with Windows 7 (either 32- or 64-bit – I havenet ordered my new PC yet). Thanks!!!

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There is a driver for that printer however you must selectWindows updatewhile you are in the Add Printer Wizard. It will take upwards of 10 minutes to get an updated printer list and during this time the window will appear frozen, it is not. Be patient.

I have a HP LaserJet series II (much older than yours) and it had a driver for that also.Microsoft Community Contributor MCC 2011Reply

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