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HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format

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What is the HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format?

Most inkjet printers which can handle paper larger than A4 are aimed at the enthusiast or semi-pro photography market, but HPs Officejet 7110 Wide Format is an A3 printer intended primarily for SOHO customers.

There are lots of good reasons for wanting to be able to print above A4 in size, including posters and other marketing materials and folded A4 publications, like newsletters and brochures. This is made easier if your printer can handle duplex printing, though HP only provides this as an option, here.

HPs product naming conventions grow more bizarre over time. If you want to order this machine, make sure you ask for an Officejet 7110 Wide Format. The Officejet 7110 is a completely different machine, an A4 all-in-one. Admittedly its not a current model, but there are so many numbers to choose from, why risk confusion?

This is a wide, dark brown printer with rounded, modern lines. The control panel consists of five buttons and a few extra indicators, but no LCD display, not even a basic text one. Its hard to see why, when an A4 printer selling into the same market is expected to have a display, probably bitmapped and in colour, its wide-format cousin has nothing.

The only paper tray, which takes up to 250 sheets, is telescopic, so if you only print A3 occasionally, you can leave the tray in its A4 position, reducing the printers overall footprint.

The slightly odd thing is that, if you buy the machine specifically to print A3 and leave the paper tray extended, the paper tray cover, which also forms the output tray, is a different shape, so doesnt cover the tray exactly. Brother uses the same telescopic design for its A3 trays, but has developed a properly tailored cover.

Lift the lid of the HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format and the four individual ink cartridges slide to the centre of the carriage. Black ink is available in standard and high-yield versions, but the colour inks come in just one size, labelled XL.