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Trident Computer Resources Inc. supports a full range of HP products and subsystems.

HP 9000 Enterprise Parallel Server products are an excellent choice for scaling beyond single-SMP performance for very large scale enterprise DSS, OLTP, and Internet Web warehouse needs. EPS products are fundamentally designed to scale at near-linear performance levels. This is achieved by utilizing the inherent high-performance SMP bus architecture of the EPS nodes and then scaling additional SMP nodes with HPs Fibre Channel Enterprise Switch. With the HP 9000 Enterprise Parallel Servers robust system environment, MCSE, you can conveniently manage the Model EPS23 or EPS31 as a single computational resource from a single management console.

The seamless integration of this shared resource into your existing computing environment enhances user productivity and collaboration, ease of administration, and the backup and archiving of your organizations information. When required, high-availability (HA) functionality can be added by layering HPs industry-leading HA solution, MC/ServiceGuard, onto EPS. With the integration of the

MC/ServiceGuard HA solution with EPS, you gain the ultimate combination of high performance, scalability, and high availability. Additional benefits include reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS), online swapping, and replacement and recognition of EPS node elements.

Tridents customers find the Model EPS23 attractive when applications call for fine-grained parallelism and data partitioning. Customers will also find that the Model EPS23 is well-suited for building cost-effective, large-scale parallel implementations. Enterprise customers will find the Model EPS31 attractive for very large scale decision support (DSS) and transaction processing where supporting terabytes or more of data capacity per node is required.