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How to Download HP Printer Drivers?

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HP printers lie on top 5 among the list of printers as it gives high-end results depending on the model. An array ofmodels come with different and modified features that can be used for personal, business or commercial uses. Despite the fact that these printers are best in performance, yet cases occurs when they fail to give out desired outputs. Problems also may occur due to any technical error or some very basic reason. Besides printer errors, it is important to check whether the software or drivers installed on your computer for printing devices is working properly or not.

If the HP Printer Drivers is not installed on your system, or you need to reinstall it, check below for the troubleshooting steps for How to download HP Printer Drivers?

Follow these instructions to download and install HP Printer Drivers on your system:

Step 1:Disconnect printer by unplugging all wire connection and turn the power off. Wait for at least 39 seconds and reconnect the printer.

Step 2:Click on Connect a new Printer to recover access to Printer Assistant tools. Proceed by selecting connection type and following the Printer Setup instructions displayed on your screen.

*If a red cross (X) shows up on the computer screen that is due to poor connection, Click Retry and continue to next step.

Step 3:Press the power button and turn off the printer.

Step 4:Close all the programs running on your computer. In case you are installing anything on your system, wait until the installation completes and then restart the computer.

Step 6:Wait until your system detects Printer and them open HP Printer Assistant.

If you are able to open Printer Assistant, the problem is fixed, otherwise, follow the next step.

Step 7: Uninstall any HP printer software from your computer.

Click Start. Search for control panel open it. You will have a list of actions, find Program and Features and click on that. Next, you will have the list of soft wares & applications installed in your system, find and click HP Printer software and uninstall it.

Open the start menu and Go to Settings. In the Setting menu, Click on System and then select Apps & features and click on that. Find HP Printer software and chose to uninstall.

Step 8:Once the uninstallation is done, restart your computer.

Step 9:Check for HP Pinter Drivers that supports your Windows version of and Download it from Official HP website ( You can also use CD for installation that includes the drivers.

Step 10:Click download to the HP Printer drivers or either chose Basic Drivers for other Drivers selections. Wait for the download to complete.

Step 11:Restart your computer and printer. Make sure that the printer is connected to the computer when restarted.

Step 12:Open HP Printer Assistant and if it opens, the software and printer are ready to work. If the Printer Assistant doesnt open and the Printer setup & software appears on the screen, disconnect the printer first and then restart computer and printer. Reconnect the printer and wait until the installation completes.

If the preceding troubleshooting steps did not fix the printer problem, or there is some other issue, getHP Printer Technical Supportcustomer services by calling at the (Toll-Free Number).

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