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Welcome to your HP country website for former employees.

Please use the appropriate links on this site to find the information you need and/or to submit an HR question.

To request a change of address, please provide the following information via email tohpi-HR-connect-:

Old Mailing Address (street number and name/city/state/country/zip code)

New Mailing Address (street number and name/city/state/country/zip code)

Status (inactive/terminated/retired)

Please note that for terminated or retired employees, we will update HPs internal records only (Payroll). It is your responsibility to notify other vendor(s) with your updated new address such as the HP Benefits Center, Fidelity, etc.

Verifications of Employment can be provided to lenders and others who need to confirm your employment with HP. It will include dates of employment, job title, and salary (if authorized by you). (NOTE: This action is not available for Contingent Workers and Contractors.)

Give the person needing proof of your employment the following information:

If you want them to be provided with your salary, you need to go to enter the site as an employee and create a salary key and give it to your lender along with the information above.

If you still need assistance with a Verification of Employment, please provide the following information via email tohpi-HR-connect-:

If you have HR related questions or an address change issue, please send an email tomyHR. Dont forget to include your employee ID and main personal information to help us quickly resolve your query.

Please include the following information:

Send your Payroll questions via email to the Payroll Customer Response Center atunited-states.

Please include your Full Name and Employee ID in the Subject line.

TheGlobal Total Rewards websiteprovides all the information you need regarding:

HP Equity Awards (Performance-based Restricted Units, Restricted Stock Awards, Restricted Stock Units, Stock Appreciation Rights, Stock Options)

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Access to theRecognition Centerfor details of how to redeem your points.